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Mature Age Students

Do you get the feeling you have put off getting your licence for far too long already?

Perhaps you had a few lessons years ago but never had the urgency to finish it off. Or maybe you never really had the time to do it but now you are ready to finish it.


Are you ready to commit to putting in the time and energy to getting it done - 'No holds barred'?

Well this is your chance!


If you are over 25 years young, it's just  $1,950 flat fee  to do it - with an unlimited number of hours of driving tuition for 30 days, if required!


So it's going to be fairly intensive training with a minimum of 2 hour lessons at a time and maybe every other day with training until you are ready.

Here's the Deal - You get:  Unlimited Lessons for 30 days!! 

1. Unlimited hours of driving tuition; normal hourly rate @ $69/hour
If 2 hours per day that's 60 hours of tuition 60 x $69 =  $4,140

2. In additiion, we will also pay for your first driving test booking =  $57  (Service NSW booking fee)

Total Potential Value in excess of $4,197 

All you pay: $1,950  upfront payment on first lesson -  that's a discount of 54% 

Note: If after the first 2 hours of training either one of us feels that you are not the right fit to complete the program then we reserve the right to discontinue at that time and you would only need to pay for the 2 hour lesson

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