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By popular demand the Beginners Bootcamp is back!!

What is the Beginners Bootcamp?

The Beginners Bootcamp is an intensive training program which takes raw recruit beginners, who have never driven before, and moulds them in to confident and competent drivers ready to build their skills under the guidance of parents and mentors.


What will a student learn when they do the Beginners Bootcamp?


Students will learn all the basic skills associated with driving with an emphasis on developing good habits early from a professional driving instructor of 35 years experience.

We focus on educating students on the correct driving techniques from day one, rather than students picking-up their parents “bad habits”, and then having to un-learn the same “bad habits”, just prior to the driving test.


How long is the Beginners Bootcamp?


The Beginners Bootcamp is ten hours in total which will be undertaken in five two hour lessons to be completed within three weeks of commencement.


Is there a time limit for completion of the Beginners Bootcamp?


Yes, the program should be completed within three weeks! The aim of the Beginners Bootcamp is to educate students to a level where they will be capable of continuing their practice and training with parents. Thus, the program must be completed in a minimum time period to produce optimum results.


How many log book hours will the new driver receive for doing the Beginners Bootcamp?


A new driver will be gain 30 log book hours for completing the Beginners Bootcamp. This is 25% of the required hours that must be completed prior to sitting for the practical driving test.


How much does the Beginners Bootcamp cost?


The Beginners Bootcamp is for ten hours, payable in cash at the beginning of the first lesson.

Where do we meet for the driving lessons?


 All lessons start and finish from the Coles Manly Vale carpark: 12 - 14 Koorala Street, Manly Vale


How do I book the Beginners Bootcamp?


Bookings should be made using the online booking system on this website. You can book the first two hour lesson if you wish or you may want to secure all five two hour lessons at the one time. Either way you can book them all on the online booking system.

Please note that the Beginners Bootcamp is a limited time offer which may only be available for a short period of time. Once the program is full we may not be able to accept any new students – So please book early to avoid disappointment!!

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