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      Manly Driving School

Driving Lessons Manly & Brookvale

Northern Beaches Practical Driving Test Routes

At Manly Driving School, lessons start from $69/hour (starting from Coles Manly Vale). Check prices here.

Please note that we are the Overseas Licence Conversion Specialists on the Northern Beaches.


Manly Driving School has helped thousands of people on the Northern Beaches learn to drive and to get their driver's licence. And importantly, we have the Brookvale and Warriewood Practical Driving Test Routes available for you when you come to do the Test. We are here to help. So let us get you ready & prepared to drive in the shortest possible time with maximum safety.

Most Services Centres have several Test Routes to choose from but generally have 3 or 4 favorites. At Brookvale they have 3 favorite Test Routes which will take a minimum of 2 hours to complete. So keep this in mind when you book a Test Route session because  at least 2 hours is required to complete all of them. If you book a one hour Test Route session, we may only be able to complete just one Test Route.


At Manly Driving School our patient, highly experienced and skilled driving instructors will have you driving confidently and competently in no time.


If you are looking for Driving Lessons on the Northern Beaches in Brookvale, Manly or Warriewood, or almost anywhere on the Northern Beaches, then I hope you will give us a try - we will not disappoint!

Manly Driving School service and approach is second to none. We quickly assess your skill level and tailor driving lessons to address your individual needs. One-on-one tuition from our experienced driving instructors ensures results come fast. We'll have you licenced and on the road in no time, or at least as fast as you can learn.



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By popular demand the
Beginners Bootcamp
is back

The 10 hour beginner package

The program is available for a limited time, so book in early to avoid disappointment

For Beginner Drivers who have never driven before!!
Automatics only!!
Brookvale Test Route no.1 - Yes, was one of the actual test routes
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